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Lord Skeffington Scatters

The first children's book of the artist Fahr Sindram and the writer Walther Hans tells the story of the small zombie Skeffington.
He lives in an old house with 15 very self-willed cats and works as a barkeeper in an ice cafe.
His heart has broken out for "Girl" who he meets every day in the ice cafe.
What happens, when the cats decide to help Skeffington to reach his joy of love, and when nothing seems useful, to take the things in their own paws ...? One will gaze in wonder at this  beautifully illustrated book.
Girls and boys will like the story equally and it is fascinating, although the book is written for children it is extremely entertaining for adults too. Which brings up the question who will read it at first in the family??

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Authors: Walther Hans & Fahr Sindram
Price:17,00 €(D)
Number of Pages: 52
Colored Pages: In full Colour.
ISBN: 978-3-940414-02-1


Genre: Picturebook

52 pages, in color, from 5-99 years, Hardcover, picture book.

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