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Mangaka/Children's Books Author: Fahr "FahrLight" Sindram

Name: Fahr "FahrLight" Sindram
Task: Signing on conventions, drawing Mangas.
Likes:God Child, Visual Kei, Karaoke, Tae Kwon Do, Steampunk, Cinema.
Motto: "Her name really is Angel! Lets put her on top of the Christmas tree!"

Homepage: http://fahrlight.free.fr
Workblog with Julia Schlax: JuFa-Manga

Losing Neverland (2 Volumes. More to come.)
Lord Skeffington Scatters (1 Volume)

Children's Books Author: Walther Hans

Name: Walther Hans
Task: Writing books for children.
Likes: Cowboys, Bears,Traveling und Gulashsoup.
Motto: "The bear is my friend!!"




The Bear and I (Upcoming)
Lord Skeffington Scatters (1 Volume)

Mangaka: Julia "Efeu" Schlax

neuer mangaka

Name: Julia "Efeu" Schlax
Task: drawing Mangas, signing on Cons.
Motto: -

Homepage: http://efeu.butter-and-cream.com
Workblog with Fahr Sindram: JuFa-Manga

Bibliography(Alle Verlage):
Todkäppchen (Schwarzer Turm Verlag)
Subway to Sally Storybook (EMA)
Memento Mori (March 2010)

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