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Your job is to find a compromise between quality and file size. The height and width attributes should describe the size of an image. Method 2. The image is embedded into the page. Now, I save all interface-files in png mostly in sprites and usual images in jpg's.

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This is the most common type of image used on the web. Background images: An image can be used as a background for the entire page or for a specific part of the page. Images usually require some special manipulation to make them suitable for background use. Custom bullets: With CSS, you can assign a small image to be a bullet for an ordered or unordered list.

This allows you to make any kind of customized list markers you can draw. The easiest way to incorporate images is to link to them. Take a look at the externalImage. The href points to an image file, not an HTML page. You can point to any type of file you want in an anchor tag. If the browser knows the file type, the browser displays the file.

You can use this anchor trick with any kind of file, but the results can be very unpredictable. Most browsers automatically resize the image to fit the browser size. This means a large image may appear to be smaller than it really is, but the user still has to wait for the entire image to download. Because this is a relative reference, the indicated image must be in the same directory as the HTML file.

When the user clicks the link, the page is replaced by the image. The user has only the text description to figure out what the picture might be. They interrupt the flow. If the page contains a series of images, the user has to keep leaving the page to view images. The user must back up to return to the main page. No link or other explanatory text in the image indicates how to get back to the web page.

Use Relevant File Names Be sure to use descriptive and relevant file names when creating your images. File names that include keywords related to the image or your website will not only make it easier for you to identify when looking at your source code, but will also make them noticeable to search engines.

Alt text should also be optimized with relevant keywords, but kept relatively short. Alt text originally was designed to show a description of the image if the image can not be shown on screen, however it also adds context for search engines analyzing the image. If possible, using CSS instead of images for graphical elements of your web page can help your page load faster.

Styling both text and graphics with CSS takes up much less space than images do. It also has the added benefit of making it easier to change your design and will prevent cached images from displaying incorrectly. Optimizing For Responsive Design Images have always been a big hurdle for responsive design. In responsively designed websites, images need to scale to fit desktop, tablet, and phone screen sizes — all without slowing down your site.

There is as of yet no perfect solution, but there are a couple popular methods. One method is to set the image to scale in code so it remains in its container, no matter the screen size. This method, however, still requires images to be downloaded at a larger size which can slow down your site.

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Joe licks nick dick download this hot video Another method eliminates the need to scale in code with new HTML markup created with responsive design in mind.

This is still new to the industry, however, and is not supported in all browsers. Making the choice between these two methods depends on personal preference, your audience, the context of your site or application, and what browsers you need to support. Consider A CDN If your website is particularly image heavy, you might want to consider a content delivery network , which can deliver your content more quickly to customers no matter where they are located.

A CDN will shorten the space between your website visitors and your content by storing static content, like images, on nodes around the world. This allows your visitors to be served your optimized images much more quickly. Optimizing images is just one way to ensure a faster website without bogging down your server. BACK Search for: December 7, Learn. Want more news and updates like this straight to your inbox?

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It depends on what your image is of, and what the quality needs to be, whether you choose quality over page loading etc. Learn more One method is to set the image to scale in code so it remains in its container, no matter the screen size. Method 1. Check the "Select all" box. Place it temporarily beside the tutor.

A new window will open. Save as: A CDN will shorten the space between your website visitors and your content by storing static content, like images, on nodes around the world. Each option has its own pros and cons and is best used for specific scenarios.

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