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Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Great looking chicks, plenty to go around, they are't pushy, they are negotiable and you can use your hands. You will spend a lot here but you'll see a lot too! I do not plan on going back, I think I might try Deja Vu or a club in Tampa that has a private room next time if I am going to pay that much, either that or I will go to Cocoa beach where you can get in ro 10 bucks and the lap dances are 10 dollars, better music, better selection of girls and more of a strip club atmosphere. You gotta be kidding! We offer sex toys, lingerie, shoes, candles, condoms, wigs, make up Here are some of the best.

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Ask for Jessica on the late night shift. This was a very pleasant surprise. Mons is not a particularly large club, it especially small looking from outside, and it does not have a DJ, but rather had a jukebox. But every single dancer was very attractive at least an 8 out of 10 , and they were very friendly.

You could basically put your hands anywhere except between their legs as long as you otherwise obey their hints and instructions. A lot of sweet and very hot girls. Very hot dancers. Lots of dancers asked for me a dance, but I am picky, like gotta have natural tits. Harder to come by here. Had a very hot dance from Jamie, she looked like she was enjoying me as much I was enjoying her.

Jamie is also a little muscular, which I like. It was very open. I was getting a dance from a girl and she was talking and flirting with a girl next to us. It was cool when she smacked her butt, but distracting when when they were talking about the last time they saw each other.

Very hot girls with lots to choose from. Mons Venus is a gentleman's club in Tampa Florida. It is the hottest experience I have ever had. I walked in and there were two gorgeous girls striping on stage. I got a drink and then Holly came and sat on my lap.

She had blond hair and lovely big tits. She made small talk and I snuck looks down her cleavage which she encouraged. I said yes, and then she took her clothes off. God she was gorgeous.

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She started by warming my nose in between her tits which gave me a great view.

She let me play with her tits for a while and then sunk down in front of me. I was ready to burst then. Then she turned around and gave me a great view of her tight arse. She spanked it a couple of times and let me do the same. Then she started dancing. She lifted her leg and put it on mine, so I could see her pussy close up.

It was beautiful with just a single line of fuzzy like an exclamation mark with her cunt being the dot. She let me stare all I wanted. Then she turned around and sat on my lap grinding to the music. Oh God! I was so hot. I reached around and fondled her tits and rubbed up and down her body.

I was going to lay off for a while and take in the show, when a devastatingly beautiful black woman came around the corner. Her name was Sugar and she had a whole spiel about what magazines she had been in, even what car she drove. Maybe if I had got out of there quickly I might have been able to resist, but as she talked and I drank in the sight of her big boobs, my forbidden fantasies took over.

She stripped and let me bury my face in her tits. The sight of her little white panties coming off contrasted against her black skin was hot and the smell of her was intoxicating. She turned around and let me look at and touch her arse It was so tight. A lot of black women have rather large arses, but not hers. Then she opened her pussy lips. There is something about the contrast of pink in a black girls cunt that is so hot.

I was lost in her allure. She dropped down, massaging my thighs. She danced for while and then turned around sat on my lap and started grinding. I just didn't want it to stop. I sat kind of dazed for a while. The lovely Kira I think , from Puerto Rico, had obviously been watching me sample different races and asked me if I would like to try a girl from Puerto Rico.

It was a great line, and I was very very very tempted. Doing a pussies of the world tour was tantalizing. Had she put her hand on my leg or made any other move, I probably wouldn't have been able to restrain myself. Then I was approached by Brandi, who was maybe the most gorgeous of them all with the exception of Sugar.

That would have been nice too, but maybe next time. I can still smell Sugar's perfume. Chose the club because of good reviews and wasn't disappointed. Not strictly a strip club, because the dancers never take their clothes off. Most not wearing anything anyway, and the rest allergic to panties. Dancers on stage show off everything they've got. As for lap dances, only two rules, no licking and touch anywhere except 'between the legs' - definition of 'between the legs' negotiable.

Had a great night out - only ever been to two better establishments neither in the US. My buddy and I were in the club yesterday afternoon and last night. The girls are gorgeous, beleive me. Very friendly too. At the nite shift the stage had girls at a time. Private dances are pretty much out in the open, in 2 separate areas.

The girls were very friendly. They make it real easy to part with your money. A must see if you are in Tampa. BTW - private dances are negotiable. I was in Tampa on business last week and had to check it out. I was in early 3: The girls were all great looking really! I was impressed and will be back again anytime I'm in that area.

Touching was not only allowed but invited on the private dance! The girls didn't nag on and on for a private dance either. All were very friendly and personable. Go if you ever have the opportunity. I was there last weekend and had an incredible experience. I spent time with two ladies in the Mons Venus and both rocked my world. They were hot and the dances were hotter.

Lots of friction and lots of groping! I cannot wait to go back. By the way, what 6 foot rule??? I had heard stories of this place and I can say that I have been told no lies. This is the best strip club I have ever been to. Great looking chicks, plenty to go around, they are't pushy, they are negotiable and you can use your hands. I wasn't a fan of strip joints until I found the Mons Venus.

A must do if you're in the area. My wife and I went to Mons and she had a great time with a little hottie named Nina. We are going back in Feb and would love to know when Nina is working. It's been 5 years since I was last at Mons and nothing has changed.

It's still a wonderful club with lots of beautiful women and great lap dances. As usual the stage dances were hit and miss. I'm from Los Angeles, however travel all over the country, and have been to clubs everywhere imaginable, and I must say this is one of the best clubs I've been to. The girls are simply amazing, and very friendly. There are so many beautiful women to choose from, and its very true that touching is allowed pretty much anywhere.

If you're in the Tampa area, this is worth a visit, a little pricey but worth it! I have been going to Mons Venus for 20 plus years and always make sure I get there when in the Tampa area. Naked Girls everywhere. Just everywhere. They didnt hassle you to get a dance and they earned their tips well. My boyfriend and I and two of my friends went to Mons Venus.

The girls there are absolutely gorgeous and extremely nice. I don't know why everyones bitching about the cover charge and how much the lap dances are, where else can you touch and I mean almost everywhere, gorgeous women. It still blows my mind that you can touch the girls, I have never even heard of that. Although you can not smoke or drink inside of Mons, a lap dance from Amanda and Page will make you feel better about everything!

I also got to go up on stage and have all the girls dance for me for my birthday, and that was alot of fun. Tootsies is supposed to be number five and Mons was rated number nine, and let me tell you from experience that is bullshit! Mons is definetely first on my list and I highly recommend it.

This is a pretty nice. The downside other than no alcohol is that it's overpriced. The club is nice, but there are other places in Tampa where you can get more for your money. I went there on two seperate nights and had a great time on both nights.

You can touch all over except for her pussy and also no licking is allowed. There is a wide varitey of dancers for your selection. Most of the women have average breats, but a few small and larger ones were there. Community See All. About See All. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content.

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And the dances are all nude. Her name was Sugar and she had a whole spiel about what magazines she had been in, even what car she drove. Mons Venus!

Mons Venus:

  1. As usual the stage dances were hit and miss.
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  4. Tootsies is supposed to be number five and Mons was rated number nine, and let me tell you from experience that is bullshit!
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  7. strip club venus best nude tampa mons hard
  8. Definately coming back, though I wish cover charge could come down a bit, I'm sure they make enough money as is with all the dances.

First time visiting Mons. A lot of sweet and very hot girls. The best place I have ever been. Lane Moore and Tinder Live. I had a private dance with one girl who kept going.

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