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Uterine sounding with german unit of electro stimulation. We have a huge free DVD selection that you can download or stream. The Better Sex Workout. If you have an IUD, this is where the strings typically are. Cervix Fucking Vibrator K views. Duration minutes. It collapses.

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How many of you ladies have had it done. And was it painful? Some health sites say it cant be done. Others say otherwise. If you want to respond privately , please do. Tali Male. Mac, thank You for all this great answers and Your time. Could ask You? Is there a way to make cervix more opened and receptive? If i correctly understand, this is not a part of our body we can handle, as a lot of our muscles Thank You for Your time.

Respect, tali. First, let me describe the paradox involved here. Any man who is long enough to reach the cervix is most likely too wide to go into the cervix. While a man who is thin enough to penetrate the opening surely would not penetrate deep enough. I do understand a 8 lb baby will fit through there, but that's after a lot of hormones are released to make the opening wider.

Having witnessed an intra-uterine insemination, I am on the side that believes it's not possible to penetrate the cervix directly, but at the same time cannot discount the experiences of these fine couples. If I may, though, I'd like to propose a possible explanation. If you look at mac's first diagram, you will a pocket around all sides of the cervix opening. It may be that what those women feel is a deep penetration that pushes into that pocket and stimulates the cervix from the side or back of the opening, an area that only very gifted men can reach.

Pamlovesblackcock Male Gold Member. My men hit my cervix all the time and it is painfull,Im very small! They cum all over my cervix but they cant penitrate it,its too small. But they ram into it all the time and shoot black seed all over it and that feels really good.

From CA, US. I once was penetrated vaginally by a 12" black cock and when he started pumping my pussy harder and deeper I could feel it hitting my cervix and it was so painful that I had to push him away out of pain so I guess just reaching the boundaries of the cervix is itself very painful. Some reality. Tali said: Nov 26, Come on Mac, I once saw a photoshopped pic with a caption text macro on it that said it was possible.

This is proof that finally overturns the scientific consensus.

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Published by Nigganutz et all. S ncbbccuckcpl said: VoyerDude Couple From Canada. No way this can happen, can hit it during sex but that is painfull, most you can do is get into what I call the sweet spot, deep!

Stupid assholes? Cervix exams are the best thing. And not that often. Fucking cons I'm sure. This is Wrong. Did it have a built in camera? Oct 5, Messages: It collapses. Unless they had a camera inside her or something. LOL kinda answered a couple of questions i had in my mind I think it was called "Amazing Penitrations" by DenniO. This line of extreme porno has pee hole fucking, dildos the size of horses molded from a real horse cock and cervix fucking.

The girl spreads herself open with her hands and a guy puts it in her cevix, very graphic. So for any of you guys who think that it isn't possible, they do it. That "amazing penetrations" vid reminds me of one I saw at a video rental place.

Scenes on the box showed a shaved-head man literally inserting his head into some woman's vagina and his head disappeared up to the neck. I left it on the shelf where is the barf emoticon? I tried to penatrate my girlfriends cervix and will never try again. I think I said that in another post. It was totally unpleasant for her and don't recomend it.

I finally discovered last night what it feels to have your cervix penetrated. It was the first time it ever happened to me, but when it did, I certainly knew about it. The penetrating stopped me from feeling pleasure as one of the other posters said in this thread , and I felt some sort of pain, which is unexplainable.

All this was because of extra hard thrusting movements. So guys, even though some girls out there like their sex hard, you still have to be careful, because everybody has their limits. The current girl I am seeing is very petite and can't handle too much hard thrust. If I hit her cervix it causes her pain.

I have to try diffent angles to make sure I don't cause her pain. But my last girlfriend loved to be pounded hard that there were times when I think I almost penetrated it. About 6 years ago I had a girlfriend who had an IUD and I would feel something poke the head of my cock.

I've looked up some more information. Apparently, there is such a thing as cervical dilators. Their main medical use is for abortions. Certainly, one should not mess with the cervix during a wanted pregnancy. Those porn pros you mentioned may have used these dilators. PS I'm not into injuring women or causing them real pain during sex.

I always hit my girlfriend Lynne's cervix, but there was no way I could penetrate it! It felt like a hard, sort of uneven object--if there was an opening, I was way too big for it! She sort of liked having it butted a little by my dick head but preferred it when I wasn't in so far.

I am only 8 inches, but I can get to a place during deep penetration for us that I feel the head go sort of into something, kind of like inital penetration. My wife likes it too. How long does a man have to be to get into the cerevex of the " average " woman"? Fiber optic movies? I'll just say this, anything long enough to bump my cervix very hard hurts.

Penetrating it? Ain't gonna happen! In this video that I watched, she would force prolapse her cervix out as a guy gapes her pussy open. Very graphic and gross just to let you know, not much grosses geo8x6 out, but this did. Then, with her cervix prolapsed, she would insert a dildo into the opening. She started fucking herself I hit fast forword on the vcr Don't make me replay it in my head I SO wish you hadn't put the pictures in MY head.

Now, I'm gonna have to poke my mind's eye with a sharp stick. You asked I am the one who actually saw it. I am sorry if i messed up your brain. Just think, anything is possible Jul 30, Messages: Just what my dick encountered during our 29 yrs of marriage, always depended on the time of the month and the positions of our bodies.

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Not a free member yet? Continue to external site Go Back. Some reality. LOL kinda answered a couple of questions i had in my mind Sweet Devil you can't resist! I plan to look for other web sites, especially medical, that discuss an open cervix resulting in penile penetration of the uterus. It was the most wonderful experience of my life, and it lasted forever. After that experience, and after I finished my island trial, I found a purpose for my life.

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Or maybe, the pain was pleasurable for her. I did speak to my gyno about this once, and she said my cervix actually looked a bit swollen and bruised, but otherwise healthy. It's a very intense and painful feeling followed by a euphoric orgasm. Ask the ladies in this forum how it feels when the doc uses a skinny little probe or inserts an IUD. Forums New posts Search forums. Beyond this border is the cervical canal.

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