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There are all these rituals and procedures that people go through before engaging in sex. I was concerned it was for something later that night, and I couldn't forget about it. Apparently getting featured is ezaf. I used to have big anxiety issues that I got counseling and medication for over ten years. Just in case I can eventually convince myself this is true, and learn to just shake it off and move on. Or at least, not the vibrating function. There's a possibility that I only heard it that night because the other two nights Dad was home, I stayed up late listening to music through my headphones, and that they actually used it again I just didn't hear it..

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My reaction was actually pretty shocking, to me. I'm actually not repulsed by sex. But apparently if it involves someone whom I know personally, I prefer to be in denial and pretend like they don't do it. I'm glad you learned how to cope with it, though. Would suck if you had to live the rest of your life being grossed out by sex - seeing as it's difficult to get away from.

You'd be stuck in a constant state of grossed-out-ness. It's not an easy process to go through. In my mind, I equate having sex to committing a murder, so if murdering people at random disturbs you, you can imagine that it was pretty damn challenging for me to teach myself to let go of my disgust.

I'm a rational person overall, I think, but there's just something unnatural in my eyes. The ability to shut yourself out, or detach, comes in handy too. I hope you can come to terms with your situation, rather sooner than later: As you said, you can't permanently avoid the sexual world around you, so instead of running away from it, we should learn to confront it and deal with the reality of it.

Once you've as in anyone; including myself form an opinion on something, it's really difficult to change it. Even if you yourself know your opinion is silly: Even though certain things have been leading me closer to concluding that I'm just a "shy sexual", I can kind of see where you're coming from. If you remove love and consent, sex can be a pretty scary thing. I know, that is so pressuring!

It could be worse. There was this kid at my high school who apparently got traumatised because he accidentally walked in That's just sick and wrong on SO many levels, am I right? Thank GOD I've never had to hear this from my parents. I'm not actually sure that they DO still have sex anymore - I think when my parents go to bed, they sleep and that's it.

As soon as my dad goes up you can hear his snoring, so I doubt he's doing anything else. Their room is down the hall from mine, so even if they were, I don't think I'd hear it. Having said that, though, on one or two occasions, I've been lying in bed trying to sleep when I heard something that could possibly have been my mother. Whatever it was had gone away. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it sounded like a moan to me I don't think ANYONE likes the idea of their parents having sex, because you're used to them being parents instead of people - I remember listening to my mum describing some of the crazy things she's done at work parties and being completely flabbergasted.

Like, "Mum, what are you saying? You CAN'T have done that! I dunno, but whenever I hear about that time he stepped off the train before it had stopped and bashed his head because he was so drunk I'm just not surprised hell, that story's damn well funny; apparently, my mum didn't realise the extent of the damage until the morning after, and she was just pissed off at him for getting blood on his new tie.

So the idea of them doing anything more hardcore than hugging is just beyond comprehension. I can't really comment on how to deal with the paranoia and anxiety of hearing sex noises, except repeat what has already been said.

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I just wanted to make a quick comment on social phobia, since I have actually been diagnosed with it myself. Maybe now isn't a good time for you to take this on, but I just felt like letting you know, in case somewhere down the line you'd like to confront it, that you can definitely get help dealing with social phobia and it does not have to prevent you from moving out and getting your own place: It most likely will never completely go away but certain antidepressants can help with social anxiety and there are therapist who deal specifically with phobias.

Also, just researching and understanding how phobias work and how it affects your body can help tremendously in controlling it. First of all, seriously, don't feel too worried about suddenly seeing your parents in a different light. The world today portrays sex as something younger people generally do, and something which pretty much stops a while into marriage or when you get older, which can lead to confusion when this isn't the case.

Seeing someone you didn't previously think of as technically 'sexual' and by that I mean having sex in that sort of light is really daunting and can take a lot of adjusting to. I can't say I have this problem myself, since my parents are at opposite sides of a large house something which tends to amuse me at the best of times , but I do tend to have the odd sleepless night when my Mum goes into my Dad's room and doesn't return for a while: I'm right next to them too, and the new sound-proofing isn't brilliant these days.

Besides what everyone else has sad, though, I can't offer much more that. Maybe try conquering little things at a time, ie. Oh man, I can relate to your stress! While I've never had any reason to believe that my parents are still having sex, they're definitely young enough to still do so. I think my asexuality is genetic to some degree, as both of my parents have told me that they were attracted to very few people during their lives and sexually matured only around seventeen, which is really late.

But I was talking to my therapist one day, and he mentioned something about my parents having sex. I had not even considered this to be a possibility, but once I realized that it was, I was completely distraught. That was the only time in my life where I strongly felt like committing suicide. I had already been feeling trapped by the fact that everybody has libidos, but to realize hese two people who raised me and are pretty much sacred to me have sex too!

Anyway, I got really paranoid after that and secretly stayed up until 8 or 9 am every day for about a little over a month to assure myself that my parents were, as I had previously believed, not having sex. And they weren't. And, for various reasons, I've gone back to thinking that they as good as don't.

All I can do is offer you my condolences. I handled the mere thought of my parents having sex really poorly, and I don't even want to think about how I would handle any proof of the act. I'm really sorry that you have to go through this, it sounds incredible stressful and, well, just awful. Maybe you could stay at a friend's house for a while?

Sleep there, eat there, use their bathroom. But as for a more long term solution, I'd advise getting a therapist to discuss your feelings with because it sounds like you've sustained some trauma from this. Or, at some point, confront your parents about this. After all, they're the ones who should be feeling embarrassed, not you! I hope things resolve themselves and you're able to get your sanity back!

Some people feel uncomfortable living in a house where there is a sexually active couple, even just share-housing with other people, and when the couple is your parents that can really be confronting. Of course you know they have sex because you were born, but in your mind they are your parents , people who only exist to love and care for you - that's a totally normal way to feel.

If they are having sex it's no threat to you. They won't stop loving you because they have sex with each other. They won't stop being your parents. Remember, they've been doing this from before you were born - you're just seeing them in a different context now. Since I can't seem to get it out of my mind, I have been listening closer, even though all that would do is make me more likely to hear either, or both of my parents doing something in their room.

Which is the very thing I'm afraid of. But as hard as I might try, my paranoia is forcing me to listen. And the only thing I could do to keep myself from hearing them was to make my own noise; to block out any noise coming from their room, as well as repeat to myself "It's natural.

It means they love each other. It makes them feel good. It's a positive thing". But I made this thread, didn't I? Obviously that strategy wasn't working. So now I've come up with a new strategy; my anxiety is causing paranoia that won't let me stop noticing every little sound - problem is, it only goes away when they are awake and not in their bedroom.

Meaning I end up staying up for hours trying to block out any outside noise with noise of my own. This isn't good because it keeps me from sleeping. But then I thought about it.. I'm 18 years old, and I went all this time, never realizing they were having sex in the very same house. All those years and I never heard a peep.

Heck, if not for the fact that I found a receipt for what Santa brought me for Christmas when I was 11, I'd probably still believe hes real! Yes, I heard my Mom moaning not long ago. Yes, I heard my Dad masturbating. Yes, I found sex toys in their room. And yes, I very likely heard a vibrator that one night. But compared to how many years I went without noticing, that's nothing: When I talked to Mom about hearing her - she said she can't remember but because it was the same night my Sister was put into a behavioral institute for attempting suicide, she might have been crying, not moaning.

But I doubt even sexual people with high libidos masturbate more than a couple times a day. In fact - too much masturbating in a short time makes it difficult for a man to get another erection. They have to wait. Which I don't think he'd be very happy about, knowing Mom could be "in the mood" later. Meaning my chances of hearing him while I'm in the bathroom again are likely rather slim.

But just in case, I could do other things to avoid hearing it; For one, since I can read my parents signals so well, I can tell when one is in the mood and when the other isn't. So if one isn't in the mood, it could mean the one who is will have to take care of themselves.

In other words, that's a warning to avoid using the bathroom until I feel it's safe. And just in case I'm already in the bathroom, I can just bring my mp3 player with me and turn it on if I hear someone moving in the bathroom above me. Also, if I go in their room, instead of letting curiosity get the better of me like it did when I saw that "unfamiliar box" which turned out to be a box for a sex toy, or like when I saw a strange container on the side table that ended up being lube..

I can learn to resist. Also avoid looking around the room too much. I only heard it once or well, twice.. But it was the same night. There's a possibility that I only heard it that night because the other two nights Dad was home, I stayed up late listening to music through my headphones, and that they actually used it again I just didn't hear it..

But , Mom spoke to Dad about me hearing moaning coming from their room. Seeing as I believe it was a "new toy", they might not have known how noisy it was going to be. And because they don't want me to hear, they might not use it again. Or at least, not the vibrating function. Gosh I sure hope I'm right. Also - because I went to them about being able to hear noises coming from their room, they can learn how to be more quiet.

So I might go another many years without hearing anything. So, unless I hear a vibrating noise in the middle of the night, or hear actual moaning coming from the upstairs bathroom or their room - if I hear a noise, before I start panicking I tell myself; "That noise could have been anything.

The house settling, one of them getting up to use the bathroom, Sis could still be awake and be making noise, it could have been a bug, or something outside.. Heck, it might even just be my imagination. Anxiety can do that to a person, depending on how bad it is". And so far that strategy is working. I went to sleep before Mom woke up yesterday, I'm not feeling sick to my stomach as often, and my appetite is returning.

And believe it or not - it's only 12 a. The only noise I'm making right now is "clackitty" noises, by typing these words. And you know what else?? I've been up here at least an hour now without music or TV, and I haven't heard any moans or vibrators. In a way I also kind of feel like I need to do something similar to this. But until I know I have my anxiety under control not gone, but rather at a level where I still have rational thought and can keep myself from panicking.

Even before I started calming down, I had already thought to myself; "If I do hear them, they probably don't realize how loud they're being. I doubt they're being noisy enough for me to hear on purpose. It's like when someone is on the toilet - Like sex, using the bathroom is private. Private as it may be, though, sometimes you end up hearing the noises.

Also like sex, for most people, hearing those noises come from someone else can be disgusting. But we learn to shake it off because we know it's normal, and that the person isn't making those noises on purpose. Plus, the noises aren't going to last forever".

But even though back then that thought didn't make a difference in my anxiety levels; because I know that was my rational self speaking, I've kept that thought around. Just in case I can eventually convince myself this is true, and learn to just shake it off and move on. Headphones or whatnot. It takes a while to figure out what style of music you can actually fall asleep to I'm lucky in that loud things work sometimes, when I was a baby the only thing that could get me to fall asleep was a ride in my dad's obnoxiously loud Charger Try classical, soundtracks, or slower songs.

I find less drums and less rhythm guitar works for me. Smoother sounds. And I'm glad you're communicating with them. I can't imagine actually noticing it. I try not to think about my loved ones having sex, it messes with my mind a lot. I used to have big anxiety issues that I got counseling and medication for over ten years.

One strategy I learned to be very helpful was meeting the fear head on. Ask yourself, "what is going to happen if I keep hearing these noises? Don't let your rational self answer. It'll just say "nothing". Let your fear answer, whatever crazy whacked out thing it wants, like maybe "mum and dad will start hating me".

For example, "when I hear those noises and mum and dad start hating me, I will go to a friend or other trusted person and ask them to help me work out a treaty with my parents. Then I will make plans to support myself until I can make peace with them again. You know in your head it will never get like that but your feelings need reassurance that you've got everything in hand in case of the worst.

I just want to say I think hearing one's parents is usually disturbing to anyone, asexual or not, repulsed or not, etc. I have nothing against anyone's parents having sex as long as I don't hear it , and I don't think they should have to rent a room across town to do so, but I do think it's kinda rude to be noisy with a kid right there.

I know, lots of people will disagree. I thought it was rude when i was in college and neighbors were very loud when I was trying to sleep. I think it would be thoughtful if they muffled the noise with some music or the tv or something. There are all these rituals and procedures that people go through before engaging in sex.

Everyone is familiar with a courtship phase that later leads to action in the bedroom. And everyone has heard of those mixed morning-after feelings that people get when they come home after bedding someone. These feelings can range from satisfaction to regret. When it comes to sex, there are awkward moments and there are confusing moments and everything else in between.

We have this whole culture around sex that everyone talks about. But sex is actually pretty darn weird. Nothing points out the weirdness in sex more than memes and funny sex quotes. A lot of memes on the internet point attention to how hilarious sex and hookup culture can actually be.

If you're searching for the best quotes and memes to share with the people you love or just want to feel inspired yourself From the sweetest love quotes , inspirational sayings , and hilarious friendship truths , we've got you covered. I can't tell if the chicken is running away from or towards the guy's house.

Either way, this meme will strike a chord with a fair number of people.

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The next time Dad came home, however my Dad works as a temp 4 hours away from home. But compared to how many years I went without noticing, that's nothing: Try classical, soundtracks, or slower songs. Analyzing the feeling and the reasons behind it and then capturing it on paper really helps put it into perspective.

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