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Indeed, many families of maddened birds crowded that hermitage. She only gets topless in 2 pics, but they're 2 great pics. I hope we get to see this whore sucking huge ass cocks and getting titfucked the hell out of them titties. Amongst his stories was a funny tale of how he managed to make Amma laugh: We just let them fly by. She offered me a seat and asked me why I wanted to see her. Duana from Busty Poland is back by popular demand and made sure to wear the tightest dress possible.

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The Kondungallur Brahmasthanam Temple was the first one installed by Amma 30 years ago. On both days of the festival, Amma delivered a Satsang, sang bhajans, and gave darshan to thousands of devotees eager for her embrace. This year though, Amma noticed that some of the eldest devotees were not there, so she inquired as to where they were.

When she heard they could not attend because they were living alone and had no means of transportation, Amma sent drivers to pick them up and give them rides to the program. When they arrived, Amma discovered that many were sick, living alone, and had no one to support them. Amma felt their sorrow, comforting them and reiterating that Amma will always be there for them.

The past is like a Lottery jackpot we missed out on. There is no point crying about the money we could have won. We only end up wasting time. When birds fly overhead, we cannot stop it. We just let them fly by. Brooding over the sorrows of the past is like letting these birds to land on our head and build a nest. The past is a cancelled check. Only the present moment is in our hands—use it intelligently.

Movie star and comedian, Salim Kumar came to meet Amma during the program. He addressed the audience and shared his own personal experience about overcoming the curveballs of life, and, unsurprisingly, delivered his speech with the unique sense of humour he is famous for. Amongst his stories was a funny tale of how he managed to make Amma laugh:.

She offered me a seat and asked me why I wanted to see her. Since that day I am a devotee of Mata Amritanandamayi. Salim Kumar said that he later thought about the incident and wondered how Amma had been able to understand his need. School children of Amrita Vidyalayam also presented various cultural programs during darshan both days.

Blog - Latest News You are here: Amma in Kodungallur. In her Satsang, Amma addressed the devotees, saying: Oh she needs a pose with her laying down squeezing them together bird eye view She actually did a video version a few months ago but didn't take off the dress. She may have been holding on to this set for a while.

The similarities are undeniable. Yet another great set from Agnetis. There's a few topless pics but this is definitely the best one. I just want to see these girls in the same set. Only just discovered this young lady and I'm completely blown away. Such amazing tits. I could live the rest of my life between those things, no need for air or food or anything.
Russian brunette with big tits fuck Probably nothing new here, but still some nice pics: They're nice and long.

That's how I discovered her. Finally, topless Agnetis! Looks like her Bed video from 6th Feb. This video was release almost a moht ago!! Anybody have something from her last sets?: I think it's about time we caught up with what Agnetis has been doing.

If you want to see all her topless galleries you might want to check this https: You're the man!!! You're very welcome, here's a couple from her newest gallery for you. They shut it down? LOL What where you expecting? This is a business, imagine if a cocaine dealer instead of selling is product give it away.

Come on! Sure it would happen eventually, but why not in a month let's say? It was a good effort nonetheless. Duana Aliases: Agnetis Miracle Model Rank: Natural Body Type: Slim Hair Color: Blonde Birthdate: June 5, 23 years old Categories: Duana is from Poland and made her debut on Busty. Her first shots keep her huge boobs under wraps but we're all waiting for the eventual unveiling of this slim and stacked beauties sweater puppies.

She is single and a Pisces. In , Duana came out with a name change to Agnetis Miracle. She has her own site, Agnetis. Let's all keep our eyes on this to see when she finally unveils her miracles. These pics however are Duana from the set she uploaded about an hour ago, enjoy.

The best bits of today's update. A few from her latest update. Another new update with another great look at her huge tits. Just found this pic on her site. A member suggested she try a gallery where she compares her tits to other objects so she uploaded this pic. She put this pic on twitter yesterday. Now I can't wait for the World Cup: Poland strong in boobs!

There is a queue of Duana's boyfriends. Damn straight! She's finally back from her holiday with some new pics. She's called her newest gallery Hell. Looks more like Heaven to me. For now here's a preview of her last few galleries. Says somewhere 32KK so that would make them measure 42 inches! Agnetis Miracle - Santa Claus https: Agnetis Miracle in New Year - new photo update her website http: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a few more of her recent updates.

Zebra - latest video with Agnetis Miracle http: This is from her latest video - Liquid Gold. Trying on a bikini a member bought her. Here's a couple of pics from her latest gallery too http: Workout with Agnetis Miracle - new HD video http: Oh My fucking god New favorite of all time!

Hope we see her taking multiple cocks all at once!!!! I hope we get to see this whore sucking huge ass cocks and getting titfucked the hell out of them titties. Wanna see her take an All-Black Cock Bukkake and gangbang too. She looks like she worships Big Black Cock all day and night pounding in her White pussy. Well said, bro! Keep dreaming, pussy for christmas, and after that she's gone.

She is not a pro, and she doesn't want to be one. Of course would be great to see her on a dogfart production, but lets be real, she will never do it. I know that Sonnet had a black guy a few years ago, Sonnet is Agnetis boss Its possible that Agnetis fucks blacks, but I really doubt she will do it on camera.

It's pretty much obvious to anyone that Agnetis loves black cock. It's a fact. Imagebam killed 3 of the pics as I uploaded them including the one you posted but this is the rest of the gallery. The only other way to see it is to join her site. PM me if you want any more of her. How do you know she does black guys? Any picture? She is currently dating a black man.

Do you have any proof? Actually she is dating a half eskimo half aborigin dwarf. Pics or it didn't happen. Does it matter.. I mean really, you're not fucking her so who cares It seems to matter if it got under your skin. Plus what's wrong with asking for a little proof? I just don't understand the relevance. Agentis and whoever she is behind the camera, are two different people.

Big tits or not, she is a good looking gal. Agnetis is such a adorable busty beauty! Golden Summer Even without the boobs, the woman is a Beauty. Her bikini fits her great! Agnetis has such a beautiful body. I would love to take her to the beach!

You can find picture and movie galleries of this babe here: They are missing only Miss Velba and they have only the best ones. HQ Babes. However, today, our educational system is limited to the mere collecting of information.

SB 12.8: Mārkaṇḍeya’s Prayers to Nara-Nārāyaṇa Ṛṣi:

  • Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a few more of her recent updates.
  • Also there are no zips of the photosets.
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  • Her waist seemed weighed down by her heavy breasts, and the wreath of flowers in her hair became disheveled.
  • Agnetis has such a beautiful body.
  • Is Agnetis a Miracle?
  • Wake up baby, money like that only appears one or two times in glamour models short career.
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  • Agnetis being topless is the best Christmas present that I have ever had.
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