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Bob [DM] Marc can you make a sound for the main chat room a day ago. The UI is powerful and intuitive enough to support a wide range of users, from data stewards to business users to data analysts. With Power BI, you can shape and transform data, aggregate and summarize data, apply complex calculations and conditional logic, and produce a wide range of visually rich reports that you can distribute to both internal and external users. Kolobok2 [DM] We need re-sign all? Cowgirl [DM] Say I have a personal problem with someone. If its bad I'll delete it and ban the users IP address.

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Announcements Discussions: Contact Us Please use this link to contact us if you have any issues. Upgrade Your Account Click here to upgrade your account and help support the site! Users found this page by searching for: Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: It can definitely be abused. Cowgirl [DM] Say I have a personal problem with someone. I can just keep flagging them down out of spite. Plus, it doesn't allow for proper discussion and the merit of someone's points.

Cowgirl [DM] Someone could even create an alt account and spam downvotes there, too, thereby ruining someone's rep just because of petty reasons. Cowgirl [DM] Yeah, get both of your accounts. Cowgirl [DM] I guarantee you with prior craziness, someone's going to try to steal old accounts. Cowgirl [DM] Yeah. Cowgirl [DM] we really should elect mods shortly though.

Cowgirl [DM] that and bob can't always be here when things get bad or go nuts 4 days ago. Cowgirl [DM] That would be nice!! Chrissyz [DM] yes 4 days ago. Chrissyz [DM] Did you get my pm? Daniel2ndDan [DM] What the hell has happened here!? Daniel2ndDan [DM] And wheres the room list gone? Daniel2ndDan [DM] Hhhhmm ok,i'm all for change,but where has the list of users gone?

Then the next one is a channel list where you can see who is actually in a channel. Not sure about the guest thing.. I'll take a look if its a bug or it that many bounce hits the site is getting. Can't even edit a message at this point lol. Daniel2ndDan [DM] Ah right,cool,that has answered a few questions then,i've been using the 'old' pchat for ages now,so imagine my surprise when i tried logging in there!

Going to be pushing new features often and be more active. Daniel2ndDan [DM] Cool,sounds good,like i said,i'm all for change,but really wasn't prepared for this,were existing users notified of the changes,as i don't recall seeing anything? I'm going to fill the new pChat out with more features and improvements then send a email blast to all the old pchat members.

Daniel2ndDan [DM] Good plan,hopefully new members will decide to visit and stay and register,would be good to see more people and some fresh faces 4 days ago. Daniel2ndDan [DM] So who is here exactly???? Daniel2ndDan [DM] Hi there,signs of life! Daniel2ndDan [DM] Hhhmm i guess it's early days yet,as a regular user of 'pchat' it will take some getting used to,but maybe the site will improve and draw more people in to use it..

Daniel2ndDan [DM] Chances are when the site is up and running properly you will wonder why the changes were not made ages ago! Daniel2ndDan [DM] Yeah,new layout,that is odd,i think everything is work in progress at the moment 4 days ago. Can you explain more so I can fix it? Daniel2ndDan [DM] Yeah,but that's how you are going to 'iron out' the site!

Daniel2ndDan [DM] Yeah,i'm sure it will all get sorted and find a happy balance 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] Hello, is this working tonight? Biancas [DM] Hi Marc What browser are you using? Daniel2ndDan [DM] I registered and signed in using firefox the best browser in my opinion all worked fine 4 days ago.

Biancas [DM] Mozilla Firefox and there was some trouble with not having enough letters in the password 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] Can gifs be sent using the pic icon and if so, is there a limit on size? If it bugs out I'll fix it. I've only tried png's. I put a 5 character minimum on passwords to sign up. I don't think its a firefox thing.

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Busty blonde schoolgirl getting her pussy pounded Bob [DM] Hi everyone 4 days ago.

Bob [DM] I am on 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] 4 days ago. Bob [DM] Hi biancas 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] Hi 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] It send the gif but no animation 4 days ago. Daniel2ndDan [DM] 4 days ago. Bob [DM] I seen it 4 days ago. Bob [DM] It is confusing 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] Also need to know how to change the Avatar 4 days ago. Bob [DM] 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] Seems to be working ok now 4 days ago.

Bob [DM] Biancas I'm here 4 days ago. Biancas [DM] See your pm 4 days ago. Bob [DM] That's good 4 days ago. Elsie [DM] I'm looking for real sex partner,if you want to get a true sex partner then you can talk to me? I'm about to push the mod updates right now because that Elsie person lol I still want to make them better but they are there.

Punjabi06 [DM] Iam unable to see private chat icon anybody plzz suggest me 4 days ago. Ruben [DM] Hi everybody 4 days ago. Ruben [DM] Tap on user and you cab send private messages 4 days ago. Kolobok2 [DM] Hello 4 days ago. Soni [DM] Hi 4 days ago. Kolobok2 [DM] We need re-sign all? Kolobok2 [DM] Old account is not worked anymore?

Kolobok2 [DM] Just create same account as before? Aayaan-Shah [DM] Hello Bob [DM] Sun11 how are you doing today 4 days ago. MyBilly [DM] Hi, just checking in to see if my avatar changed correctly 4 days ago. Teresasz [DM] Will that Chatter guy be banned forever? Teresasz [DM] Hi 4 days ago. Abimbola-Ayankoya [DM] I have interest sir 4 days ago.

GhostBoy [DM] Hello 3 days ago. Disneygirl20 [DM] Is jane t here? MyBilly [DM] No, jannet is not here 3 days ago. Blueeyes [DM] Hi 3 days ago. Aayaan-Shah [DM] Hello 3 days ago. Blueeyes [DM] How's everyone 3 days ago. Aayaan-Shah [DM] Marc may i know what did you do with my account 3 days ago.

Aayaan-Shah [DM] Why so less peoples are here in this room Aayaan-Shah [DM] Any one here Aayaan-Shah [DM] Empty rooms like graveyards 3 days ago. Aayaan-Shah [DM] When peoples come here 3 days ago. Aayaan-Shah [DM] I was happy to talk some peoples to feel good but here it seems i am all alone to talk with chat room walls 3 days ago. Aayaan-Shah [DM] Going to uninstall this app it's soo boring 3 days ago.

This will help see whose online. Cowgirl [DM] There's a nudes channel. Well, I guess people's private pictures they send to people are gonna be leaked all over pChat now? Tons of nudes on there? Cowgirl [DM] Well sure. Cowgirl [DM] But those people post those publicly, not as leaks. Soni [DM] Hi 3 days ago. Pen [DM] Hello 3 days ago. Sweeetslut [DM] Yup 3 days ago.

Kolobok2 [DM] Many bags. PM is not worked. Massages is dissappering. Kolobok2 [DM] It is inpossible to use. Bob [DM] What is everyone doing 3 days ago. Are there any plans to change this? BiancasAuntLil [DM] Also, if you send a gif, all you get is a spinning icon where the pic icon used to be and you can't even send pics unless you log out and log back in 3 days ago.

Do you think its a file size thing only? BiancasAuntLil [DM] 3 days ago. This one is less than 1 mb 3 days ago. Metallord [DM] Whoa, wth 2 days ago. Metallord [DM] New look 2 days ago. Metallord [DM] I like this better 2 days ago. Metallord [DM] Anyone here 2 days ago. I think I should create a user search feature too 2 days ago. Hitting enter on your keyboard won't get it. But that's a pretty minor thing 2 days ago.

I can change that! Cowgirl [DM] Does the room pic in that pthc room actually look legal?

Biancas [DM] It send the gif but no animation 4 days ago. Search for Channels: Simple Talk. Cowgirl [DM] Yeah. Have them vet user room creation. In addition, you can add slicers to your reports that let users filter the displayed data. I think I should create a user search feature too 2 days ago. Social Engagement Facebook Shares:

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Bob [DM] Hi everyone 8 hours ago. These are the main concerns I have. For example, if you install the product on a standalone server that is not part of a domain, you might have trouble viewing reports in the Edge browser. A Power BI app lets you zoom in on individual visualizations, add annotations, and share snapshots of a report or visualization. As Power BI continues to evolve and grow, new features will continue to come online, as well as services related to the Power BI ecosystem.

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