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When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, is it better to keep it simple, or to go over the top? With all these things in mind, a good wardrobe malfunction is one of those rare treats that make many of us go crazy. Here's the crazy and amazing part: Brie Bella is supposed to be the "hippie" twin, right? ECW was a different kind of wrestling promotion and this brutal piledriver is a prime example as to why. However, once while sitting atop the shoulders of a referee, the top of Jacqueline was ripped clear off her back, exposing both breasts to the live audience. If you don't show any appreciation, then, of course, we're gonna stop trying.

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Sure, his friend can look at it while they were over at his place but they could never borrow his prized publication. From magazines he would graduate to adult films. The adolescent male wrestling fan would obviously love the WWE Divas and would tune in to watch not only his favorite Superstar but his favorite female fantasy every Monday Night - hoping each week to catch a glimpse of something beneath figure-hugging outfits the women would wear to the ring and ever now and then, his wish would come true.

Yes, the WWE Divas have had their share of slips and pop outs over the years and believe it or not, we are here to count them down like the desperate little teenage boys we all are on the inside. That night in New Orleans also featured a Divas Championship Invitational style match which basically placed every Diva on the main roster in the ring at the same time.

Unfortunately for one participant, a faulty top would expose her to the world on the "grandest stage of them all. Certainly not the most memorable Diva of all time but she was there What may ultimately become her claim to WWE fame was a match on Monday Night Raw where Aksana would fall victim to the double-dose wardrobe malfunction when both her breast and a portion of her backside were exposed.

Dawn Marie was first introduced to the American wrestling audience by way of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Eventually, Marie would make her way to WWE where her sultry attitude was embraced even more. While with the company, Dawn Marie would tale part in a controversial angle involving Torrie Wilson and her father.

Which resulted in sexual tension between the Divas and Marie marrying Al Wilson while in their underwear Strange storyline. By all accounts, Kaitlyn has retired from in-ring action; walking away from the business at a young age to focus on other aspects of her life. When Kaitlyn decided to attack AJ Lee one night on Raw, her flailing around the ring would lead to a well documented "nip-slip.

The Miz. Unfortunately for Maryse, her wardrobe malfunction at the Fatal 4-Way Pay-Per-View in was a lot more than just a slip. Yes, the bra counts as a malfunction. Perhaps this would not have made so many rounds on the internet if AJ hadn't licked herself and acted like a seductive cat following the incident. The following wardrobe malfunction was "planned. The "plan" would of course follow through when Rosa Mendes would conveniently have her shorts pull down while attempting to re-enter the ring following an outside altercations between the Divas.

Brie Bella is supposed to be the "hippie" twin, right? During a Miz TV segment, where the cast of Total Divas were the featured guests, Brie Bella would accidentally slip out of her dress while in the midst of clapping for her and her fellow reality television crew. Well, we already covered Brie, now let's move on to the other side of the Bella twins. While Stephanie McMahon was feuding with Brie, she would often impose her power on Nikki as a way to punish her sister.

When tossed outside to the floor, Nikki - much like her sister - would experience a slip of her own. The validity of this wardrobe malfunction can be called into question due to the fact that it transpired during the legendary Attitude Era - a time when seemingly nothing was off limits in WWE. However, once while sitting atop the shoulders of a referee, the top of Jacqueline was ripped clear off her back, exposing both breasts to the live audience.

Perhaps but a moment that stirred the controversy pot. The Kat was never a ground-breaking Diva and certainly doesn't qualify at the top of any "greatest of all time" lists. The Kat had just won the WWE Women's Championship and decided to celebrate by flashing the live crowd a shot of her breasts. Slaughter was meant to cover her body prior to any exposure by was late with the towel.

Eve Torres came along at a tricky time for women in the WWE - having competed in the Divas Search, the days of strong female competition were over and the days of the Divas Revolution were far off. A girl wants to make the guy happy. We put effort into stuff like that because we think guys like it. If you don't show any appreciation, then, of course, we're gonna stop trying.

The guy is going to say it's the girl's fault, and the girl is going to blame the guy. But in the end, it's what they share between them that's important.

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Instead of the bed, try the Jacuzzi. I want to buy my girlfriend some sexy lingerie. Should I get her something with zippers, hooks and straps? I'm in over my head here! The longer you're in a relationship, the more you'll learn what your girlfriend likes. But, if it's the first time you're buying her something, you want to be classy, yet suggestive, at the same time.

Go with a slip, especially if she doesn't normally wear a lot of lingerie. She'll feel more comfortable if there aren't all kinds of gadgets to unhook and unzip. I don't know if I'd go with a slip, but a baby doll would be good. It's sexy, and simple. See how she reacts to that, then study her vibe.

I'm not going to wear a garter belt, or anything like that. It's just too hard to take off. I like my lingerie very sexy, small, and easy to take off. Just remember, it can totally kill the mood if she can't get the thing off. What if she's allergic to what you order? How much of a jackass would that make you?

I like guys who open doors and pull out chairs, but I don't need them to order for me. To be honest, I like it. Maybe I have a little of the s in me, but I don't think it's demeaning. Actually, it kinda turns me on if he's able to take control. My girlfriend is planning a dinner party on the same day my best friend is planning a WrestleMania marathon.

Obviously, I want to go to the marathon, but I don't wanna end up in the doghouse. How can I squeeze them both in? Don't tell her I said this, but I'd do both. Just show up late and say you got caught up. I'd want you to be with me, of course. But I wouldn't want to keep you somewhere you didn't want to be. You don't want to look whipped in front of your friends, you just want to honor the "commitment.

As a joke, I used a coupon to pay for dinner during a date. Now the girl won't return my phone calls. Was it my bad, or should she just lighten up? Oh my God, no! You can't do that! That's like taking a girl to McDonald's on a first date. Subscribe to WWE Magazine.

WrestleMania 35 results: WWE Raw results, April 8, Kofi Kingston continues his hot streak against a gargantuan group on the blue brand.

With all these things in mind, a good wardrobe malfunction is one of those rare treats that make many of us go crazy. The sexual overdrive of the adolescent male leaves him desiring female flesh more than any other philosophical meaning or purpose. Subscribe to WWE Magazine. You may also recall Triple H pushing Stephanie to the canvas. We'll go right back to Jacqueline on our list and this moment was definitely not planned.

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