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It's another world in computer form. He stares at his seams and starts pinching the side of his legs. Back then that was radical, that whole fusion of dance music and traditional rock Instruments. Suffering serious burns on his arms and legs, he is currently resting at home. What was the first record you ever bought?

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Interleukin Interleukin 12 p Word list 7 More word lists and tips at http: Page 1 of 5. Advanced vocabulary development. Word list A preposition is a word that relates a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence. Blends Word List claim clip clam cloak clamp clock clan clod clang clog clap clomp clash close The Full Word List - Alphabetical http: Alexis Alison Brooke Carly Chris Christmas Cristian Danny David Dawson Emily Ethan Frasier George Greenlee His next single "Flowers" is so hot that even while we're all still chewing our faces off to "You Don't Know Me", demand has meant he's produced 2, of his own one- sided versions of the follow-up.

Both tracks appear on the album "2Future4U", out in March.

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Kyra hot sex tube fuck free porn videos kyra hot movies It's mixed by label boss Tom Novy. The wait is over. They've kept a few copies back. That's the word on his new album, "Todd T he Chemical Brothers and Underworld are just two of the big name acts to play this year's first large scale dance festival. Matterley Estate, near Winchester. There will be nine separate arenas.

Underworld's tent also includes Faithless. Red Snapper. Carl Cox. Gilles Peterson and Muzik's new school breaks guru Adam Freeland. Othertents include one hosted by New York's Danny Tenaglla who will be doing a 1 0-hour set. Plus the Bud Ice bus will be back. The king of the chart-hit house mix also throws in industrial, trip hop and jazz apparently.

Public Enemy have now split with their label, Def Jam, after the band put tracks from their forthcoming remix album in the high quality M P3 format on their own website. Universal, owners of Def Jam. In response, Public Enemy posted an exclusive new MP3 track, " Swindler's Lust", a none too subtle attack on major labels, likening artists' situation to that of slavery.

There are now suggestions that PE will release their new album exclusively on the net. They're trying to stop everything in their sight until they understand it. Meanwhile, the Beastie Boys were forced to take action after Capitol objected to one of their live tracks being posted on the Grand Royal website. Instead of the high quality MP3 format, they had to change it to the lower quality RealAudio format, which can't be copied or bootlegged.

Volume 1 is out in March. Out on Freskanova on February He was renovating his home studio when a wallpaper steamer he was using blew up, showering his body with scalding water. Suffering serious burns on his arms and legs, he is currently resting at home. Maintaining his sense of humour, he commented: I'm looking forward to whatthis year has to offer.

My album Is almost finished. All on the same bill? Head for the Shadow Lounge on March 1 5 if you 're in town. If you're the kind of person who thinks flyers are the new graffiti and you're willing to pawn your white label collection for that elusive firstTrade flyer, checkout "Nocturnal -Global Highflyers" Booth Clibborn Editions. It's the follow-up to "High Flyers", the acclaimed collection of club flyers.

That's because it's a Bono-approved reworking of U2's "Wired".. It's out on Island in March. He's just been released on SI 50, X10 bail, charged with the attempted murder of a policeman. If convicted, he could face up to 25 years in prison. Catch Terry Francis, Nathan Coles.

Brighton March 1 2 , Shine. Nottingham April 3. The March show includes a mix from Jon Carter. Next single "Stalker" will be out next month, with the album " Bodyshock " released at the end of March. But "Xlubavision" will beoutfilmingbeforethen. According to a spokesman for Faithless' label Cheeky, they have already spent some time in the studio and some of the material may also end up on Sinead's next album.

In the meantime, Faithless have a remix album due for release in the summer. As yet untitled, it will feature remixes of tracks from "Sunday 8PM " as well as some new tracks, possibly including a collaboration with American folk rockers Grant Lee Buffalo. Before that, the last single from the album.

Talking to Muzik, Paul Hartnoll said that while he was still buying soundtracks aplenty, he'd also recently got into Fatboy Slim: I've just discovered 'Everyone Loves A Filter' ". That might account for the rather unusual choice of samples on the album.

New single "Style", released on March 1. Another shock Orbital fans are confronting is the fact that the band are no longer techno's most loved baldies. Paul has grown his hair. Stove GuHick, James Hatty. PavMorietaki, Pat Pofw. Spiros Polilis. Oakfield House.

Tel; Staff slashed. Steve Jackson barred from the building. What on earth is going on at Kiss FM? Andy Crysell investigates in a news special F or Kiss 1 00 listeners, there was nothing unusual about the morning of Friday December 1 8. But while Kiss 1 00 continued broadcasting as normal, an extraordinary scene took place in the station's carpark. He made his way back towards Kiss' studios, only to find his path blocked by security.

Welsh security. Can you believe that? I was marched off the premises by the EmapSAS. Grandly titled "Plans for a 21st Century Kiss" , it explained that the station was to focus on the highly competitive 1 demographic and that a number of redundancies were required: Acting managing director Dee Ford was replaced by Mark Story, who's also in charge at the Emap nostalgia station Magic 1 The "Full Frontal" drivetime show, hosted by Dant Behr, was also axed.

At the time of going to press, rumours were rife that as much as 60 percent of the specialist dance shows are next for the chop, with cheap, computer-operated output to replace them. The new roster was due to come into force on February 1. Jackson, whose breakfast show seat is now occupied by Bam Bam not the Chicago acid house hero , understandably believes the station is intent on ditching its dance roots and heading for the mainstream; that the future looks desperately bland for "21st Century Kiss".

I don't know which part of town they're from, but they're certainly not in touch with any bit of it I've ever seen. Kiss off with their plans to turn Kiss into another rubbish pop station like Heart or Capital. When it secured its licence in 1 , it did so on the basis that it would adhere to a Radio Authority-enforced Promise Of Performance, which expects it to broadcast as a dance music station.

According to Andy Robens. But as was proven when the London indie station Xfm contravened its Promise Of Performance last year, the penalty can be pitifully meek. One senior radio plugger who deals with Kiss day to day feels Kiss 1 00 may look for a loophole: That's basically what the Galaxy stations do and I wouldn't be surprised if Kiss follows suit.

Putting a determinedly upbeat spin on events, he maintains: We want to innovate constantly and hope to make the daytime broadcasting more accessible, so we can entice more people to stay with us and listen to the specialist shows. And as for bringing in security from Wales. Did Jackson's refusal to stick to the playlist have much to do with his departure?

Certainly that was true, though. But a very different picture comes from station insiders who did not want to be named. They claim that before Christmas staff were told that 60 per cent of the specialist shows would be cut. Overnight programming would be done by computer and aimed at cab drivers. Specialist radio, it seems, is just not profitable enough: If many of the shows haven't already been terminated by the time you read this, our sources assure us they will be shortly- meaning that, despite the promises of Mark Story, broadcasting specialist dance has seemingly become a troublesome chore for the station, So.

I T'S ironic that just as London's Kiss FM started to get the props it deserved, with the Sony Award for Best Radio Show for Steve Jackson's Morning Glory, some misguided fool decided to sweep the station clean of all its star performers and chase the highly competitive pop market. Jackson was locked out of the station after saying farewell to Another Level, that day's studio guests.

He returned to find new security at the door, who politely informed him that he no longer had a job. Fair enough. The Dreem Teem - leading lights on that scene - have been given further airtime albeit in the evening , but the decision to scrap quality dance music in the daytime for more pop, which can be found on every other London radio station, is simply not good enough. Until now word hadn't reached the masses of this drama.

But we can all hear that dinosaurs like Cher have been added to the playlist instead of records that are massive at London institutions such as The Lick and Twice As Nice. Admittedly, the garage scene isn't producing the number of classics it was 18 months ago, but Jackson also hammered Stardust, Mousse T and Faithless and did support the credible end of commercial dance.

And asfar as the specialist shows are concerned, it gets worse. Soul legend Bob Jones has quit. Paul Trouble has left. Colin Dale has been told to pack his bags. And all to be replaced by what? We're not sure, but such banal pop is what people listen to all day at work. In the evenings, this audience is hooked on television.

The record buying spotters in the capital lived off the evening shows. The indie shops made their living from them as a result and this short-term decision has increased the danger of more shops closing. As a magazine, we're more aware than anybody of pressures to meet targets, but a massive change indirection is often fatal.

And the pop market, like any other, is only as good as the music available. All music is cyclical and what goes around, comes around. To jump ship now from dance music is a disastrous move. And to all the people who lobbied to get this station a legal licence, we feel for you. For all the radio listeners who believe that a favourite DJ leaving a station is like a bereavement in the family, we feel for you too.

All in all, this is the biggest diss in dance music's history. And as far as we're concerned. Kiss can Kiss off. They set up the label in , following a number of disheartening experiences with major record companies. A string of successful singles released under pseudonyms like UK Gold, The Benedict Brothers and Hyperlogic helped build up a large and loyal fan base.

Our Trade subsidiary clocked up 27, sales with its first EP, and we sold nearly that many copies of the Signum single on Tidy, too. With another compilation in the offing and the remix offers still flooding in, you wonder how they keep track of everything. Get your ticket now! Deeply embarrassing for all concerned. What must your nice old dad think? Might as well pop on a mix tape.

My first comeback gig was in Jersey at Madisons, but the people in Jersey didn't know if I was going to be there or not. People were selling their tickets because they didn't think I was coming, then having to rebuy them when they heard 1 actually was. By which time they were apparently going for EE40!

Being away for two weeks solid and coming back was sometimes overwhelming. Most of the people were from the film industry and I had to try and create some sort of party, which was very difficult considering that Will had just done a half-hour live show with his old partner, Jazzy Jeff. Didn't get to meet him though. I did meet Mel B though, who was enjoying it. She came over to say she liked my set and I didn't recognise her cos she had a catsuit on and her hair tied back.

Call me a professional - too busy on the job to notice! I even missed the film itself -too tied up with radio stuff. On the subject of which, I'm doing another 12 Essential Mixes this year. It's still "A Worldwide Agenda " but based more on the reasons why I'm in each place. So you'll get more information on the clubs and the cities.

Should be interesting. Tune in. Right on the bone of Christmas, I finally played in Croatia. There was a massive party organised there a few years ago. When I got there, it didn't seem war-torn at all. Far from it. Zagreb was hot. It's a beautiful city -as you drive in, you can see the mountains on one side, and on the other, the sea with all these tiny islands dotted along.

Sadly just an in and out visit. A place to be reckoned with. I played from 1 0pm till midnight, the finale gig of the year for my Essential Mixes. I finished at 1. So all the kids coming out of the gig turned on their radios and bang! Action replay! Spent Christmas at home. Then I shot off to Los Angeles for four days. They had four different rooms - a hardcore one with all the Rotterdam crew, one with all the top Chicago boys, me in the main room.

They even flashed up the countdown on the giant scoreboard. Seeya next month. But he's an animal in bed. Guess who? What music? I thought, 'Surely this isn 't the track they're going to use? They're taking the piss, right? If that's exploitation, I bet you I could find people in this street right now who would queue up to be exploited.

I make people millionaires, that's my job. The anti-hermetic and anti- autistic aspects of the DJ culture remove the self- tormenting aspects of their journey within. You what, mate? Dani Behr was DJing, warming up for the dancers. I hope she's impro ved on her mixing now she's charging for her efforts.

It went straight in to the Billboard charts at Number One. The follow-up, "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood", replicated the Number One-fn-the- first-week feat, the only artist ever to go straight in at the top with two albums in the same year. Like the fabled bluesman Robert Johnson, Simmons claims to have sold his soul to the devil.

Fittingly, Marilyn Manson guests on the album. There's a hint of Tupac about DMX, and American audiences identify with the loner whose only real friends as a child were the pitbull terriers he rescued and bred. An asf hmatic, DMX's growling vocal style - somewhere between Busta Rhymes and Tom Walts - has helped define him as an individual in an Industry overrun with lowest-common-denominator mediocrity.

So will DMX enjoy the same sort of succpss in Britain? He would be the first of this sub-genre of heart-on-the-llne post- gangsta emcees to make it if he did. I was horn in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 14 June How did you start DJing? I started DJing when I was 10 years old. What was the first record you ever bought? And the last? Where do you buy your records?

The set up in Brazil is moi e complicated. I have to tell the shops what I want and they buy them in. It costs about L20 for a 12 inch. Which record never leaves your box? Andy C's "Sound In Motion". Because it's fucking good. Where do you go clubbing when you're not behind the decks? I don't go clubbing. We just hang out at my house and have a parly.

Aren't there any other good jungle clubs in Sao Paulo? There are a few: Describe your mixing style. I like to let the music do the talking, but I am more creative than just mixing one i ecord into another. I like mixing two tracks continuously and I play with the frequencies a lot.

I also scr atch over most of the recortls. DJ Hypo's style is an influence. Strengths and weaknesses? My strength is probably whipping uf a cr owd and r ewinding when they like a track. My weakness Is that If the t eaction isn't gr oat I can get tiown and not perform.

Favourite labels? V, Ram. Renegade Hardware, Tru Playaz. Tost, Piototyini, Full Cycle anil Virus. Favourite DJs? Doc Scott ami Hype. Favourite clubs to play? What would be your dream line-up? Do you dance when you're playing? Who's yourfavourite weatherman? They're all quite sweet. Every time they get it wrong it reminds me why i called the alburn You've recently covered a song from the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar".

It's the song sung by Judas. Life is like chemicals- two harmless chemicals mixed together can explode, or two powerful chemicals can nullify each other's effects. So there are people you. Fuckin' fight! What is the strangest thing you have ever seen? Wheniwas at boarding school in Kent I saw God - he was about 0; 1 5 feet tall and looked like Father Christmas, intehse!

I believe in other realms; After death is just oneof the places where they become more apparent. Is that Chopper bicycle really welded to your arse? House music for all. That's the rallying cry around here. The more the merrier and all that. But if there's one thing that gets our goat and tugs its hairy beard painfully, it's people who claim to suddenly have been converted to the lif exchanging force that is house music.

Now call us cynical, but hardcore guru and former Muzi k cover star Slipmatt has just been appointed resident at The Gallery on Fridays, and at Movimento on Saturdays, two of the country's best house nights. He'll be billed as Matt Nelson, He says: Quite probably.

What next? Roni Size joins the Irish folk-pop revolution? In the I nameofMuzik, we hang you, ' Mr Nelson. Postcard From Sydney Lorna Clarkson gets the tinnies in and goes underground down under, mate HE other end of the world it may literally be, but Sydney has always had a healthy club scene.

Once past the obvious tourist traps of touring UK DJs you're abroad, go local! Club 77's Kooky is a long running favourite with resident DJs Gemma and Johnnie dedicated to promoting indigenous electronic talent. Its all inclusive door policy ensures a full spectrum of glitter girls and fashion freaks keeping the dancefloor moving in the right direction.

And don't think Sydneysiders rest on the Sabbath. Sunday nights see Stephen Alkins and Ben Drayton whip up the local gay clubbing community into a tribal disco breakbeat frenzy at Sydney's brand new , capacity venue Home, while down at The Globe the deeper sounds of house and electronica are explored by Simon Caldwell, Ken Cloud and Phil Smart at The Deep End.

Sydney still sees an influx of touring DJs and artists but after years of looking abroad for influences, it's finally finding its feet and trusting its own instincts. Sydney has the Olympics, it has the weather and definitely has the talent. It may be at the arse end of the world but it's also got a damn good view of what's going on.

The best 3D strategy shoot-em-upyet. Everything about this game is great; the tanks, the strategy, the Al. The lot, basically. Seems virtually impossible when you read the manual but the point and click nature soon irons out any spatial difficulties involving your brain and your thumbs.

Best is ordering your units to " Do or Die" so they can't chicken out when the going gets tough. Loved it. Linking Playstations isa pain in the arse. A " Robocop" future. You're a commander of an elite force taking your units on to a particularly fast and vicious explosive victory.

That's the plan anyway. Very fast and highly detailed. Quite hard, but once mastered, moving the beasMike machines that are Heavy Gear seems as natural as say, driving a JCB. There's loads of satisfaction from stalking an enemy base and wiping it out. It's another world in computer form. It does take a while to get into but perseverance will payoff.

Pool, fool! A 'whole world of green baize with 1 0 fully 3D pool rooms complete with dudes, hustlers, broads and kids bunking off school. Whether you're a complete beginner or fancy yourself as Paul Newman in "The Hustler", there'sa level here for everyone. Setting up a tournament gives an edge to the ball and pocket proceedings and it's amusing but not clever to - watch yourself miscue and chip the ball off the table.

It's very realistic and the choice of opponents play like they were born in a pool hall. Perhaps only for the true pool addict. Totally refurbished, state of the art Club. Website, http: Main Room: Featuring the Worlds Premier DJ's 2. Members Lounge 3. Alternative Room: Interactive Play Room 5. Red Zone: Deep House and Garage 6.

Hmlclpokroomstoff ; laugh In your face? Last month, the British Standarde Institute announced it Is finally to introduce a code of standards for all bouncers and door staff. Dress as New YorKhotei porters, offer to take yoyf eoa? U terword3oihef thari ''No'';,-Wo're closed'' arkJi. Replace puffa jackets vyrth orange robes and sandalsto.

This month: That's Hiphopmania. Available in arcades and soon on home consoles, Hiphopmania is massively popular in Japan and threatens to out-perform professional DJs, thus making clubbing itself obsolete I Possibly!! Technical Spec: To operate, simply choose between a selection of dance styles hip hop, techno, house, rave or, ahem, ska and punch buttons or scratch the turntable according a "tune" of the computer's choosing, Simon Says-style.

Battle Performance: Almost outdoes Skint's plucky contender with fiendishly tricky patterns. Its musical selection, however, proves to be sorely wanting. The Techno level's soundtrack, for example, is entitled "Overdoser" and is by an artist who needs no introduction, Mirak. And it's completely and utterly terrible. Pinal Score: No points this being a onerplayer match , but it's the best part of a tenner to the good.

A tenner of our money, we hasten to add. Cut La Roc Appearance: Cheeky South Coast scally often observed loitering In front of the counter at Black Market Records with glazed expression and rapidly deflating wallet. Cut La Roc is Skint's resident cut 'n' scratch wizard, for whom there is no superior under the sun.

That machine over there reckons itself. And frankly, it's taking the piss. To operate, simply pump full of drugs and alcohol, boot Norman Cook off the decks, point him in the direction of the dancefloor, step back and watch as hands, needles and vinyl merge into an impenetrable fog of wicky- wicky scratch magic.

To war! Best leave that to the sniffy schoolkids congregating in the arcade. After all, quick wrist action comes naturally to them. Final Score: An admirable points for the Roc star, though repetitive strain injury could also be on the cards for our Brightonian contender. The verdict: Computers taking over the world? Not with such a laughable selection of music, poorly-rendered graphics of zany dancing rastas and kindergarten-level entertainment factor you don't.

Hiphopmania's good for a few yuks, but rest easy, DJs of the world - the future of DJing is still very much in your handsi Not to mention your wrists! KB The how, where and why of exterior decoration This month: Just who is the mysterious youth of gargantuan girth and no shame who graces the cover of the Fatboy Slim album? We asked the album's designer, Hamish Makgill from Brighton's Red Design, to sort out the mystery for us: Norman saw it, I think in a newspaper and we finally tracked it down to a French photographer.

Norman wanted to latch onto it as an image, so we used his face for 'Rockefeller Skank', and then his midriff for 'Gangster Trippin", then the whole image forthealbum. The other stuff isfrom a load of Images of San Francisco. Norman's quite keen on the Californian aspect because his music's got this sort of West Coast surf sound.

We don't actually know who thef at guy is, though. We're just hoping he's slimmed down and too embarrassed to sue. Having said that, we had to use a different coverforthe American release, because he could still have sued us there. I don't think we'll use him again now we've had the whole photo on. After about hours of staring at him.

I've had quite enough of him! This month anyway. Chilly like Polar Pops. Get dark. Another classic. Perhaps the year-old doesn't get out enough? It's all pop culture around here," he moans. It's sexy, free-flowing and draws on so many styles it's like watching a malfunctioning jukebox filled with all your favourite records.

Despite his obvious passion for dance music, Curtis says he's "not really influenced by house music at all," and refutes allegations that his debut album of twisted beats would indeed get toes tapping on the dancefloor. Go a step further and tell Curtis that Deep Dish are huge fans of his funk-spattered breaks and he'll be surprised, maybe even flattered.

It's not a big deal," he deadpans. Perhaps the most surprising fact about "Grand Hotel" is that it contains only four or five samples. Whatever next? I needto get another album out. February 1 Tupac Shakur ' ,IC. The sentence arose from an incident in November between a year-old Brooklyn girl and the year-old rap star.

The Bank Of England admit defeat after their attempts to put together a rescue package for Britain's oldest bank. Barings, fail. House of Pain's tour of Ireland ends in disarray and cancellations as Everlast fails to show for a concert in Limerick. Tricky's debut album "Maxinquaye" is released to hyperbole in the press, whilst erstwhile collaborators Massive Attack release the " Massive Attack Versus Mad Professor" album.

In Brighton, indie Loaded announces the launch of a new label called Skint. With three acts on its initial roster- Fatboy Slim, Arthur and Hipoptimist - label manager Damian Harris says "We haven't got any idea how it's going to develop, but it's going to be abstract and experimental". The pop charts are awash with some of the worst dance records ever committed to vinyl: On the underground scene, clubs like Voodoo in Liverpool, Bugged Out in Manchester and Open All Hours in London are giving people a place to hear the vaunted intelligent techno much talked about in the press Apparently, it's quite good.

Now whatever did happen to that? No, make that the best film of last year. No wonder it cleaned up at the cinemas. Now it's coming out through Polygram Video to both buy and rent on March 1 , so you can replay every last frame as often as you like. We've got five copies of the film to give away, along with five copies of the CD soundtrack. To win, just tell us which of these football clubs Vinnie Jones has never played for: March Winners will be drawn at random.

Sorry, but competitions are NOT open to overseas readers. And the editor's decision is final. Evelyn Clayton -Harrogate. Who, or what, is that? A seditious multimedia cabal masquerading as a Scottish record label. They're not taking it very seriously, then? Yes and no.

One Diskono operative, using the name "Raymonde Gange", told us via e-mail, naturally: Then take Wee DJs as an example - they jammed Edinburgh's Forth FM one day last year and replaced chart fodder and fatuous chat with fucked-up noise. All good clean fun. It all sounds rather infuriating. Diskono want to provoke a reaction from all you passive consumers out there. And to prove it, they will soon be attempting to "exorcise the ugly spirit of record collecting from the face of the planet.

What with the most popular pills of last year sharing their logo with a certain Japanese all-terrain motor, we wondered what would happen if other car manufacturers lent their seal of approval to disco biscuits. Watch out for these Es coming to a club near you very soon. They come on super fast ami make you throb clatigtnoiisly n Ilf.

This was a floorfiller, atoptrack- wild reactions every time. Back in the early days it wasn't like it is now where every DJ plays different tracks. Everyone played this -at the time the idea was just to play all the hottest records that were around.

I didn't really have peaks and valleys like I do now. Thatearly Eighties British thing was a big influence on us. The sound was unique - totally different from everything else that was going on at the time. Funkadelic were an inspiration forme. I'd use them as a reference point.

They set their standard so high that it was kind of hard to duplicate, but they did it. I've been trying for the longest time to do some sort of collaboration with George Clinton. I would love to have George do vocals on some of my tracks. As soon as you heard it, it was the sound It was kind of the same vein as the Sharon Redd track - a D-Train, Colonel Abrams kind of thing.

Tracks like C-Bank were out two or three years before that -they were kind of a precursor to that Miami freestyle-type sound. Electro with female vocals. I heard "Planet Rock" in New York and it was kind of a bittersweet thing, y'know. I was glad to hear something like that being played on the radio, but on the sour note I was like, "well, It should have been us ".

It was on the radio one night and 1 was like "what is this? I was making music already, doing totally electronic recordings and the similarities really freaked me out. I used to go to the music store and just play around with the synthesiser. I think it had the same impact on music as the electric guitar did when that was introduced.

You could do anything with it-your imagination was the limit. Cybotron Clear Fantasy One of my own and one of my favourite tracks. It's the only really serious electro track. A lot of stuff that came out after it seemed really corny andcommerical. Buttrackslike "Clear "-that was serious stuff. We changed the course of music in Detroit and because of that we shaped the rest of the world's club music.

But this could fit into a house or garage set. We used to have what we called "social clubs" in Detroit and the music was post-disco, house music, stuff like that. Kraftwerk The Robots Warner Brothers It was a totally electronic track and it peaked my interest - 1 was always a futurist and into science fiction.

I went out and tried to find the record and the first thing I came across was "Showroom Dummies" - a picture disc with them looking like mannequins. I was taken all the way with that. Caprioorn Capricorn label unknown Back then there were a lot of Italian disco records and a lot of them were electronic. This was another staple track at the social parties. It did have a vocal version but the vocals were awful, man.

A lot of the tracks were licensed. I think Kano were from Europe. They were really electronic -one step away from being the dance music version of Kraftwerk. Kano Tm Ready Emergency This was more of a song but the hook was vocodered. Itwasapaay track, people still play it to this day.

Holly Dolly and "I'm Ready" were really happy, up, fun songs, this was more in a Giorgio Moroder vein. That was like the perfect mix. One particular summer- 1 or 1 - you could drop "Pocket Calculator" and it would fill the floor. All the black urban stations were playing it. They had another artist called Prince who was getting all the platinum promotion, but Kraftwerk were the total opposite of what Minneapolis was all about.

The whole electro movement came along and funk just fell by the wayside. Sinnamon Thanks To You Becket Sinnamon was like two or three female singers and it was just a groove, man, just a hook. This track was for the real electronic music lover. Some of those Chicago Hot Mix 5 tapes would have nothing but Italian imports like this. This made everyone go crazy.

Juan AtUins invented which musical genre? Muzik Magazine, Kitlg's Reach Tower. That's showbiz, darling. Requests for " La Bamba " in a Chicago style will be politely refused. Well, it beats sauerkraut. Truelove proved his manhood by presenting one of the trophies in the buff!

That told him. Our stiffness is reserved for our upper lips, not our trousers," said a spokesperson. When Jay Kay only had one single out anyway? Where are the Pure Sciences? The Tidy Trax? And the MJ Coles? Might as well go home now. And got lost! Shut up. When we pulled it off. Which was because. At the Ministry to hear Frangois K after an all-day bender, he graced the dancefloor with the most technicolour of pavement pizzas.

The Best Of British featuring. Bentleys, limos and all manner of buffed, gleaming chauffeur-driven motors sit breathing exhaust fumes into the crisp November air. In America, home of the hard sell where less really is less, Trump Towers, that most pruriently gaudy of hotels, is where the young, rich, black showbiz elite come to get jiggy.

Within a 10 minute interval 1 spot comedian Chris Rock, actress Nia Long and rapper Heavy D exit the gold elevators and walk the marbled foyer. Fitting, then, that hip hop producer of the hour, Timbaland, aka Tim Mosley, should be staying here. When the production deal turned sour, Timbaland linked up with the LA-based Blackground Entertainment, who also manage Aaliyah.

I love working on music. There's little disputing the fact that he has altered the landkape of American rftb, his scattered, hard-hitting syncopated beats signalling a changing of the guard. You got her producer [Rodney Jerkinsl trying to make her Aaliyah instead of giving her her own sound.

Signed to a 1. When you rush music, it don't come out right. Puffy he is not. Tim Mosley he is. I want a family. Walk through the door and you could be in an art gallery. But behind the counter are shelves of bottles and bags of herbs. There are glass cabinets with vitamin C tablets and immune system-boosling echinacea, aphrodisiacs, dream pictures on the wall, a rack of didgeridoos.

And at the back of the shop three windows look out onto the canal. Two girls are sitting there, ripping roaches from flyers and deep in conversation. Three guys in their early 20s walk in this cold, Tuesday afternoon just as the first few flakes of snow start to fall.

One of the shop assistants, wearing his long, brown hair tucked scmffily behind his ears, is talking to a woman at the counter. At the counter are boxes of magic mushrooms. Asmokeable herl which will send you on a trip within seconds. What they sell here can expand your mind, send you on a trip and then repair your body once you've come back to Earth.

You can test your Ecstasy pills in clubs for the presence of any dangerous toxins. Coffee shop culture has been exhaustively documented over the last two decades. So what do smart drug shops represent? And, more to the point, could it ever happen in Britain? Particularly for alternatives to Ecstasy and cocaine.

People were telling him they wanted natural alternatives to chemicals. The shop really took off when it began selling magic mushrooms in G'Spot 2. PsiiocybeTampenensis 4. Psilocybe Cubensis B. Not controlled. Herbal speed containing Ma Huang extract. Ma Huang is the natural form of ephedra -not listed, but classified under the Criminal Justice International Co-operation Act as a precursor chemical used in the illicit manufacture of meth- amphetamine, a Class B drug.

A magic mushroom. Legal when not dried. Otherwise Class A. As before. Legal but difficult to get hold of. More suppliers got in touch with Conscious Dreams and soon they were selling products from all over the world. But until they remained a leftfield curiosity in Dutch drug culture. That year saw over more smart drugs shops open in the country, with another 60 over the next two years.

The Dutch justice ministry, headed by Ms Sougdrager, decided not to take action over the mushrooms. With that explosion came a more scattergun approach to what some shops would sell. The Dutch health ministry is taking action against some places which are selling belladonna, known in this country as Deadly Nightshade it can be used in small doses to treat heart complaints.

It needs to be used with someone who knows what it docs. People are veiy willing to take responsibility. If people see a drug is illegal, they think it must be flicking good. They banned GHB only to see chemists synthesise a closely chemically related alternative which was on sale a few weeks later. Again, our aim is health protection.

The Dutch take a pragmatic line. People will take dnigs anyway, so best to inform them about the potential dangers. What else can you do? There would be, of course, little point in keeping them otherwise. The peyote cactus is not noted for its beauty. Even when it comes to herbal Ecstasy the law is no less compromising. This always carries the risk of Customs interception, but with the sheer volume of packages arriving in Britain your packet will gel through.

A lot of this stuff is still experimental and not licensed. And this is why, in the short and even medium term, smart sho: In Holland a drug is innocent until proven gu Ity. At least officially. Drugs policies across Europe all produce the same results, but the heal h of our population is better. We have less dead people, less homelessness, less HIV.

Website ion, access the I 6. After C S. Stargate Salvia Divinorum Recovery pack for taking after a cocaine binge.

And they've never over- milked their si tuation, which leaves people always wanting more. Six months later, of course, they had the last laugh. That's basically what the Galaxy stations do and I wouldn't be surprised if Kiss follows suit.

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